Limerick votes in favour of directly elected mayor


LIMERICK has voted in favour of a directly elected mayor, with more than 38,000 citizens voting yes, and Limerick representatives have reacted welcoming the news.

Speaking today from the Limerick Count Centre, Fine Gael Senator Maria Byrne thanked the people of Limerick for backing the proposal.

Senator Byrne said, “The people of Limerick have made the right choice and they will now have a mayor that is directly accountable to the people. They have made the right decision and given a mandate to a leader to create a bright and prosperous Limerick.

The Fine Gael senator said Limerick has seen “transformation” recently “in terms of investment and employment”.

“A directly elected mayor will ensure Limerick’s interests are first and foremost and will help it develop in tandem with Project Ireland 2040,” she said.

Senator Byrne believes “a mayor can become a vital part in ensuring that a great city has a strong voice and can attract investment from home and abroad”.

Fianna Fáil TD, Niall Collins, also believes the outcome was positive having added his voice to the support for the proposal:

“This is a good result for Limerick City and County. The challenge for the Government is now to recognise this result and proceed to implement the will of the people of Limerick. Having a directly elected Mayor in Limerick will open and strengthen our local democracy and will provide another platform to advocate for the region. Having added my voice and support to the Yes Campaign and I’m hugely encouraged by the result.”