Anthology 11 – a collection of beautiful experiences

Scene from D&G's store in a 16thC Roman palazzo.

IT IS hard to credit that the quarterly journal ‘Anthology – a collection of beautiful experiences’ is now three years old, with eleven 100-page volumes issued. The Summer 2019 edition perseveres with its trademark cover and follow-through feature on a visual artist whose work is both immense, and aesthetically gobsmacking.

Hello, Pauline Bewick.


The publisher herself, Edel Cassidy, is Limerick born and based. Among other unique stories, she brings in first hand report on the RHA’s 189th show that embraces paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, photography and architecture.

This Cassidy is sister to LA based film-score composer Patrick Cassidy and she tours the iconic instruments of rock and roll, from Hendrix’ Flying V guitar to Steve Miller’s Celtic embossed Gibson.

Perhaps the stand-out feature in this summer’s ode to the arts is coverage of D&G’s flagship. This fashion jewel is set in Rome’s Piazza di Spagna in a 16th century palazzo, pictured. Designed by Eric Carlos of Carbondale, Paris, the boutique embraces “the rich traditions of Roman culture …and Italian baroque.”

Inevitably, the chandeliers are handblown Murano and even the T-shirts are out of our pricepoint.