Limerick Chamber: Advice on social welfare and social distancing

Limerick Chamber chief executive Dee Ryan Photo: Oisin McHugh

DURING the week we spoke to Dee Ryan of Limerick Chamber on the Limerick Post Show.

At present we are in a worldwide pandemic and the Chamber have advice for businesses and employees.

“We issued a statement on behalf of our board and board members calling for businesses to observe recommendations from An Taoiseach to work remotely where possible calling for the Government to out in nessecary measurements that are needed for employers to be able to move their teams into remote working practices”, she said.

The Chamber also issued forms to employers for employees that have to be laid off during this time.

“That form is also available for the self employed and your business is gone because of Covie-19 you can fill in this form as well.” she explained.

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Forms can be downloaded, filled out and emailed back to the Department of Social Welfare as they are practising social distancing in offices. ([email protected])

Smalls businesses are shutting doors and laying off stay throughout the City and County with many unsure about the future.

“We are hearing a lot of uncertainty from employers over the weekend and you see if yourself if you around town there are people around town and there are people going into shops, Limerick Chamber’s message is follow the Taoiseach’s guidelines, if you work remotely do, if you have the option of closing, close, it’s the responsible thing to do,” she added.

Last night (March 18th), it was announced in the news that Limerick is the third worst effected County with coronavirus cases.

“We need to look after our Mid-West Regional Hospital, we need to ensure the pressure is reduced on healthcare workers who we are all relying on.

“I’d urge people to take responsibility now of social interactions, where possible limit them completely,” Dee said.

Watch the interview with Dee Ryan, Dalton (Rift) and Donal (Mike O’Connor menswear) here: