GOAL calls on young people in Limerick to take action in time of crisis with launch of “Global Sparks” campaign

BRIGHT sparks all over Limerick are being urged by humanitarian aid agency, GOAL, to take part in an exciting new online programme aimed at teaching young and old how to contribute to building a better world.
With students unable to attend school due to the coronavirus pandemic, GOAL is bringing learning about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (STG’s) into people’s homes with its “Global Sparks” campaign.
Celebrity chef Rachel Allen, writer Sarah Web and Irish international rugby player, Jenny Murphy, are amongst high profile figures who will be taking part in this fun learning initiative.
The campaign will teach young people and their families about the importance of the SDG’s by focusing on one each week, and asking participants to share their ideas on how to implement these goals.
The 17 Sustainable Development GOAL’s were developed  in 2015 as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.
They address the global challenges the world faces including food poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice and the aim is that they are all achieved by 2030.
Th “Global Sparks” campaign is part of GOAL’s ‘Global Citizenship’ programme, which is normally delivered in the classroom. Participation in the initiative is free and can be done any time at home.
Participants will learn about each SDG and will be encouraged to join small actions to support them. The suggestions will be shared with all those who have signed up to the programme.
Participants can sign up at any @goalnextgen social media channels or by subscribing to the mailing list at www.goalglobal.ie/globalsparks.
At this time of international crisis, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have never been more important especially the third SDG which is to promote ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’.
GOAL is a part of ‘Coalition 30’, a coalition of organisations which campaign to see the SDG’s implemented by 2030.
GOAL is currently working in 13 countries to assist vulnerable communities in dealing with the spread of Covid-19 and ensuring sustainable healthcare is key to the long-term development of many vulnerable countries.
GOAL Global Citizenship Manager Nina Sachau said: “This campaign is an excellent way to raise awareness among young people and indeed their parents and families about the UN Global Goals.
“It is challenging being confined to home during the COVID-19 crisis, but Global Sparks is a fun way to learn and to share exciting ideas about making this a better world for all.” she said.
“As Covid-19 spreads across the Globe, it has never been more evident how interconnected of planet has become. GOAL’s Global Citizenship programme aims to bring people across the world together to learn about the different challenges we all face.”