Bishop says that Sunday weddings may be considered

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CHURCH weddings on Sundays may be allowed for couples whose original dates have fallen victim to the pandemic.

But Bishop Brendan Leahy said these would be the exception and should not be considered the new norm.

Both church and reception bookings will be a nightmare for couples once religious gathers are allowed again after July 20 as venues are generally booked out months, if not years, in advance.

To ease that burden, Bishop Leahy said Sunday weddings may be considered but only in circumstances where a wedding had to be cancelled because of Covid-19.

Traditionally, no Diocese permitted Sunday weddings as dropping vocations and clerical retirements mean Sunday duties are already falling on fewer shoulders and some priests may have to say two masses as well as officiating at baptisms and funerals on Sunday.

“Where it is possible to do a wedding on Sunday we will look at facilitating that but we don’t want people to think this is the new normal,” Bishop Leahy said.

“It is possible when this is over we may have a huge backlog of services, with memorial Masses for people who have lost loved ones, Baptisms and anniversary Masses.

“It may not be possible to hold weddings but we will be as generous as we can.”

In his Sunday sermon after he celebrated a live-streamed Mass for St John’s Cathedral, Bishop Leahy said that one of the lessons we have learned from the virus is that time “is something to be valued.”