#HearThis: New music and video from Limerick rapper Strange Boy

LIMERICK rapper Strange Boy wants, “a big house, lots of fans and a bullet proof car”, in his new single called The Pope dropping Friday November 13.

Strange Boy (aka Jonen Dekay) worked with Rusangano Family and Naive Ted on his debut mixtape Passionate Example. Since then he has collaborated with PX Music and the city’s finest rappers Hazey Haze, Citrus Fresh, Gavin Da Vinci and Mankyy.
Strange Boy’s rhymes on the track ‘It’s Alright’ by Delush featured on BBC series Normal People.
This new black-comedy anthem is written from the perspective of a twelve year old child whose dream is to attain the perks of being the biggest rockstar and played out over a bodhran beat and acoustic guitar.
The video for ‘The Pope’ was directed by Chris Schwarz.

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