Ann & Steve Talk Stuff | Episode 46 | Time After Time

Ann Blake and Stephen Kinsella talk stuff, in the fifth episode of this podcast, Ann and Steve talk about the 'Lemon Problem' and how our choices and knowledge impact the cost and value of items, and the impact that has on the economy. #KeepingLimerickPosted #AnnSteveTalk
Ann and Steve talk stuff

“We typically understand time continuously. There is no such thing as Thursday! Your body doesn’t understand it”

As the hour jumps forward, Ann and Steve discuss the nature of time. From Belly Time and Dublin Mean Time to the alleged 16th riots when Britain and Ireland switched from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar resulting in the loss of 11 days.

An artist – Ann Blake – and an economist – Stephen Kinsella -walk into a podcast to discuss odd things that make the world go round.
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