Suicide patrol volunteers need new base 

Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention volunteers

A GROUP of volunteers who patrol the streets of Limerick around the River Shannon to try to support and help people in distress is appealing for a new base from which to do their good work.

The Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention (LTSP) group has pulled many a troubled soul back from the brink as they patrol the bridges in the city.

The registered charity members who patrol voluntarily four dark nights a week have been operating out of a temporary premises in John’s Street, but now need a new base close to the river so they can be on hand quickly for people in trouble.

The volunteers started out having to ‘gear up’ from the backs of their cars and vans.

A spokesperson said in a post on their Facebook page: “It is with great sadness that we find ourselves back in a situation we hoped to not encounter again. Our ask is that we hope to redeem a base close to the river.

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“The temporary base we resided in for a short few months helped us store our valuable equipment and again we need this to be the case if we obtain a permanent home.

“We have provided our local authorities with this information previously but still see ourselves in the same predicament with no outcome of future possibilities. We hope you the public can share this post in the chance someone knows of a vacant premises.”

The group needs a secure place to store vital equipment and to provide training for members.

The base also needs to be somewhere they can reach people in distress in a timely manner, and somewhere volunteers can gear up before they go out and debrief after a night on patrol.

Anyone who might be able to help should contact the group through their Facebook page,  LTSP Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention or on or on 0857845347.