Improve your health the holistic way with Edwina

Edwina Nash Bio-Energy and Holistic Therapies in Kilcornan, Co Limerick

EDWINA Nash Bio-Energy and Holistic Therapies in Kilcornan, Co Limerick promotes wellness via the holistic approach. Edwina has a background in nursing, so has experience of the medical approach to healthcare, as well as holistic. She believes the holistic approach can complement or even prevent medical interventions.
Edwina explained: “I strongly believe that once we uphold our wellness and health via the holistic route we will drastically reduce or even eliminate the need for medical interventions. I have even experienced situations whereby people heavily depended on medication and medical supervision  and now no longer need meds or doctors as they were fully healed via energy healing and wellness work.”
However, she added that holistic work does not take the place of medical care. “Holistic care complements but does not take precedence over the medical approach – always follow medical advice and do not alter any medical advise or medication unless advised by a medical practitioner,” she advised.
Edwina works with clients through both in-person and remote sessions, offering Bio-Energy Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Food Intolerance Testing, Geopathic Stress Detection and Clearing. She also supports clients with Emotional Freedom Technique (not certified) and provides card readings and meditation sessions.
“I have a very strong intuition and I offer guidance to clients based on what comes through for them on the day.
“In the evenings I hold meditation classes for clients and members of the community/locality. They are fantastic and the clients that avail of them find massive improvements almost immediately on their mental health and wellbeing,” Edwina revealed.
She concluded: “I promote self care and self love as a primary to all of my clients.”
Bio-Energy Therapy is a healing modality that works with a person’s energy field to clear stagnant energy within the body that gets locked in for many reasons. It is said to help with immune system issues, arthritis, migraines, chronic fatigue, anxiety and many other health issues.
For more information or to book a session, call or WhatsApp Edwina on  083 0194443.

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