Prima Volta: Bricknasty and selectors Peter Curtin & Bill Baramus


PRIMA VOLTA returns to The Record Room on Friday March 25 featuring Bricknasty. Tickets here
Based in the Dublin district of Ballymun, Bricknasty only started creating music in January 2020 but have already made a significant dent in the Irish music scene.
Featured in District Magazine’s Future of Irish music 2021 feature and described by BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders as his favourite type of jazz mixed with every other genre under the sun, they draw influence from Neo-Soul while putting their boisterous and eclectic nature on full display. From infectious energy and soulful chords to its soft, woozy vocals, the band combine R&B, hip-hop and an anarchic musical approach that stems from growing up in the Balbutcher Lane flats (where music from every culture could be heard, from traditional Irish ballads to 90s rave and garage music).
With the combination of a four-piece band and producer Skidmark, Bricknasty emerged from the studio as an intensely exciting live act. Paired with a tight knit group of musical peers – including Tebi Rex, Khakikid and DeCarteret – they are set on bringing their brand of sardonic, Neo-Soul to a broader, younger Irish audience while staying true to the classic artists that have informed their music.
Support on the night are Prima Volta selectors Peter Curtin and Bill Baramus.