Community campaign to root out racism in Limerick

Mayor Daniel Butler launches the Limerick United Against Racism campaign

THE #RootOutRacismLK campaign was launched in Limerick yesterday with an open invitation to talk about racism on World Diversity Day which takes place this Saturday, May 21. 

The campaign was started by the Limerick Integration Working Group and launched at the new Diversity = Strength community mural on Michael Street by Mayor Daniel Butler who said that racism in all forms is unacceptable in Limerick.

“The Limerick United Against Racism campaign sends a strong and clear message of solidarity with people who have experienced racism in the region.I support this campaign as Mayor, which seeks to foster a sense of unity, strength and belonging between all residents of Limerick irrespective of colour, creed or culture,” he said.


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Eugene Quinn, Chairperson of Limerick Integration Working Group, believes everybody has a role in ensuring racism is not tolerated in Limerick.

“We are inviting all Limerick residents to learn about racism and its devastating impact on victims. The Root Out Racism campaign resources help explore our biases, both conscious and unconscious.

“On Saturday we are asking the public to join us in having a conversation about racism with your friends, families, colleagues or teammates on World Diversity Day,” he said.

The campaign website provides information about the different types of racism, what it is, the impact it has and how to respond to racism and combat it.