New Limerick clinic for Long Covid sufferers

UL Hospitals Group Chief Clinical Director Prof Brian Lenehan

LONG Covid sufferers in Limerick and the Mid West will soon be able to seek help from a clinical team in University Hospital Limerick rather than having to travel to Dublin.

While most people who contract Covid-19 fully recover shortly afterwards, some continue to have debilitating symptoms months after contracting the virus.

Limerick Mayor Daniel Butler broke the news on Twitter that the hospital is in the process of establishing a team who will staff clinics which patients can be referred to.

After receiving representations from people in Limerick who are making the trip to Dublin for treatment, the Mayor wrote to the hospital asking what can be done.

In a reply, UL Hospitals Group Chief Clinical Director Professor Brian Lenehan said that the hospital has been working on a model of care for Long Covid sufferers.

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He told Mayor Butler: “A working group to establish Long Covid clinics in Limerick has been established. The aim of this group is to plan for the commencement of the clinics and to develop pathways for same.”

He said that a consultant to lead on the implementation of the clinics has already been identified in UHL and recruitment of staff is now underway.