Garryown residents trash council response as refuse is refused

GARRYOWEN residents say that a council decision not to replace a damaged bin is a “slap in the face” to those in the community who work so hard to keep it clean and tidy.
The bin was damaged by a car and residents have been asking for it to be replaced for almost two years.
Now they have been told that won’t be happening because household rubbish was being dumped and the bin was overflowing on occasion.
Speaking on the refusal, John Nugent, chairperson of the Garryowen Residents Association, said “the stance the Council are taking on this is a slap in the face to all those residents who give their time to make our community a pleasant place to live. Are the people of Garryowen not entitled to a safe and clean environment?”
“The community as a whole are being made to suffer for the sins of a few. There is one bin on Greenhills road. It simply doesn’t have the capacity to hold all the litter generated in the area and constantly overflows.”
He added that the residents believe that pubic bins minimise the amount of rubbish left lying around which in turn improves the appearance of the area. They also reduce the risk to health and safety,  and offer a safe place to dispose of glass and other potential  harmful items.