Concerns raised over allocation of social housing before refurbishment works commenced

Cllr Joe Leddin, Labour Party. Photo: Cian Reinhardt.

CONCERN was raised by councillors this week over the allocation of a social housing unit before any refurbishment work had been carried out at the property.

At this Monday’s Metropolitan District meeting, local representatives were asked to consider the Housing Directorate’s Part 8 application to refurbish derelict properties at 82, 84, and 86 Hyde Road, Prospect.

The works when completed will see the three units combined as one single five-bed property.

Labour Party councillor Joe Leddin welcomed the refurbishment of derelict properties and considered this as one of the biggest issues in the area. He said derelict properties were often the focus of antisocial behaviour and illegal dumping.

However, the City West representative did raise concerns over the three properties being combined into one five-bed unit. The average house in the area, he pointed out, are two or three-bedroom units.

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“If one family has been offered a five-bed unit, I have genuine concerns,” Cllr Leddin said.

Fine Gael councillor Daniel Butler welcomed the plans and made the point that there are large families out there also in need of housing. He took the view that all the needs of the electorate must be met.

City East representative Sarah Kiely (FG) said that she was very happy that a family had been identified for this social housing unit. She also praised the Council for the work it is undertaking in the area and urged them to get these plans “up and running”.

“Go back to the assessment for allocation after the property has been refurbished. The work here hasn’t even been done yet. That’s not how we’ve done things in the past,” Cllr Leddin insisted, in response.

Social Democrats councillor Elisa O’Donovan also had reservations about the allocation of social housing units before work has commenced to refurbish a property.

“The system is based on homelessness, not the priority of one family over another. I am getting three calls a day from families at risk of homelessness. All families are suffering,” she told the council executive.