Limerick man wants €55,000 to rent out home for Ryder Cup

Mary Jo and JJ Ryan who are offering to rent their home for the 2027 Ryder Cup.
PEOPLE were astonished when JJ Ryan offered to rent out his family home in Lisnagry for the 2027 Ryder Cup at a price of €55,000 for ten days.
However, as JJ told the Limerick Post, he didn’t pick the figure out of the ether as the tournament organisers are already appealing for local people to rent their homes due to the shortage of accommodation for the premium event.
JJ explained that he received a group email from the accommodation office for the event, asking if he would be interested in renting his property for the duration of the event at Adare Manor.
“They said there is not nearly enough accommodation for the numbers expected and they are hoping people will offer their homes because, otherwise, visitors won’t be able to come.”
JJ – who himself is a very keen golfer – and his wife Mary Jo raised their family in the five-bedroom home which stands on an acre of garden and can sleep up to ten people.
“I looked at the prices that were being charged for the most recent event and looked at what charges were already listed for other houses and came up with the price.
“Three of our neighbours are also interested in renting. If anyone wants to block book all four homes, with capacity to sleep 40 people, they get a ten per cent, or €20,000 discount, on the overall price.”
JJ pointed out that renting a house rather than a hotel room has advantages.
“There won’t be enough hotel rooms to begin with. We’re just 15 minutes from the venue and renters can enjoy the freedom to have a barbeque, eat out, or cook a meal and not be confined to just a bedroom.”
JJ and Mary Jo are throwing in a free drinks cupboard, including good wines and champagne.
“The ‘cashing in’ idea is all very well,  but we will have to pay tax at 40 per cent and find a place to live for the ten days we have to vacate our property.
“And what will €55,000 less 40 per cent tax be worth in 2027?” he asks.
JJ believes that his and his neighbours’ houses would be a good prospect for members of golf societies travelling to be in on the action.
“Forty persons per golf society is average, so four homes sleeping ten persons per home is considered the magic number.
So far there have been no enquiries about the rental but JJ feels “it’s still a good way away”, adding “we’ll see what happens.”