New system to fast-track Limerick patient information

Mater Private Network chief executive John Hurley.

A €26 million investment in hospital systems, including in the Limerick oncology centre, will revolutionise the way patients’ records are kept and fast track vital information into the hands of doctors.

Mater Private Network (MPN), which operates the Mid-Western Radiation Oncology Centre at University Hospital Limerick,  has embarked on delivering Ireland’s most ambitious and comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform yet, MEDITECH Expanse.

Backed by a €26 million investment, MPN will integrate MEDITECH Expanse across its entire Irish network.

The new system will allow patient records to be accessed at any of the Mater Private facilities in the country and will also allow any patient records brought in from other hospitals or facilities to be recorded in one place, speeding up vital treatment and diagnosis information.

MPN chief executive John Hurley said that “the ultimate beneficiaries of our investment in digital transformation are our patients”.

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“The EHR will facilitate clinical integration across our network, enhance access and patient participation in their own care.  Seamless personalised care across our network will further improve our  clinical outcomes and patient experience.”

Lead clinician on the project, Dr Róisín Ní Muirceartaigh, consultant anaesthesiologist and Chief Medical Information Officer, said: “Every step in the transfer or communication of medical and healthcare information is a significant contributor to clinical efficiency”.

“EHR is about introducing a single, unified patient record which will encompass the entirety of the patient’s journey with us. It also ensures any information brought in from other institutions has a single, safe, easy to find, digital location in the patient’s new e-chart, quickly and easily accessed by every professional involved in their care.”