Limerick senator says IVF budget funding will help people on lower incomes

Senator Maria Byrne who rated the issue of a shortage of doctors in County Limerick.

SUPPORT for access to IVF treatment announced in last Tuesday’s budget have been described by Limerick Fine Gael Senator Maria Byrne as a long awaited move that will help people on lower incomes.

Senator Byrne said that the budget showed a commitment to women’s health and a government that is responding with concrete action.

“As it stands, infertility services are not publicly available and have, in some instances, been completely inaccessible due to very high costs. Next year, this treatment will finally be available to those who need it most.

“Equitable access to fertility treatment and investing in women’s health is a key priority for Fine Gael. We’ve seen a consistent focus on this in the budget with the expansion of free contraception, currently available to women 17 to 25, to those aged from 16 to 30 years.

“Women’s health hubs will also be expanded with increased funding for screening and other health services.

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“Too many women are not receiving the treatment they need. This new system will be absolutely transformative”,  Senator Byrne concluded.