Art has power to connect Limerick communities

The Dodo Reddan mural at Sráid an Ceoil, St John’s Pavilion.

A LIMERICK city councillor put local communities in the frame  to ensure all Active Travel projects have provision for the ‘Per Cent’ public art scheme.

The scheme was introduced in 1978 to ensure one per cent of the cost of any publicly funded capital, infrastructural, or building development can be allocated to the commissioning of a work of art. Since 1997 the scheme has been made available to all capital projects across all government departments.

“Active Travel is well resourced in terms of staff, it looks like, whatever we think, it is here to stay. So we should take advantage of it in all and any case,” Fine Gael councillor Sarah Kiely said at last week’s Metropolitan District meeting.

“We need to include the Per Cent for art scheme in all future projects. This will deliver for communities, it will deliver for artists, and it will in turn deliver for Limerick.
“Recently we saw the transformation which took place at the Railway Bridge on the Childers Road. This is an example of the type of work that could be paid for under this scheme. It would not come from a local budget.”
She said the Dodo Reddan mural on the Saint John’s pavilion was another example of how art can add to the fabric of the city and be funded nationally.
“This is one of the proudest achievements for me in my time in the council and meant so much to Dodo’s family.