Limerick potholed road pose danger to elderly residents

The badly damaged surface of the Galvone Road.

ELDERLY residents living on the Galvone Road in Limerick City are in danger of falling in front of a car while crossing to get the bus on the badly potholed road, locals have warned.

One resident in her 80s, who contacted the Limerick Post, explained how she had a narrow escape.

“I fell right down on my two knees because of the pothole,” she said, adding that she was lucky there was no oncoming traffic at the time.

“I got a bad shock and I hurt myself because I have arthritis in both knees but I got up right away. It was in the middle of the road.”

The damaged section of road is right in front of the bus station and the resident said that many people cross the road at that point and are likely not to see the pothole, particularly after dark.

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“There are a lot of elderly people living around here. I’ve been living here for more than 60 years. We find it hard enough to get around anyway but this is very dangerous,” she said.

The local lady told the Limerick Post that she has contacted the Council and local councillors on numerous occasions about the dangerous state of the road.

“There was an engineer here from the Council before Christmas and he said they haven’t got the money to fix the road.

“It’s in a very dangerous state, particularly for older residents who are not that mobile but have to get across to the bus station to get around.”

In response to a query from the Limerick Post, an officer with the Council’s roads department said the issue had been “logged”.