New cyber scam targeting people in Limerick

Limerick Garda Crime Prevention Officer Sgt Ber Leetch

GARDAÍ have warned that a new internet scam, which aims to embarrass and frighten victims into parting with money, has emerged in Limerick.

An intended vitim contacted Gardaí after he received an email purporting to be from An Garda Siochana’s cyber division containing a “summons” and stating that they had detected several violations in his internet search history.

The man was then told to contact his file manager as soon as possible, or else he would be arrested.

Limerick Garda Crime Prevention Officer Sergeant Ber Leetch said that the email contained an address for this man’s ‘file manager.’

“This man had visited certain adult sites and he could have felt compelled to reply to this email. Fortunately, he did not do this. Instead he reported the fake summons to his local Garda station.

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“I believe that if he had clicked on the email address, he would have been given the opportunity to pay a fine instead of being arrested,” she continued.

Sergeant Leetch also pointed out that a real Garda summons would never be delivered by email, it would be hand delivered or sent by registered mail.

“People should be suspicious about all forms of contact by email, text or phone call from people they don’t know, or haven’t initiated contact with,” she advised.