Have you considered joining a matchmaking agency?

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My husband Dan and I set up Twoheartsmeet back in 2011 when I was looking for a change of career and decided that becoming a matchmaker was the way to go. I had completed courses in Life Coaching and Counselling and was looking for something that was a better fit than the office administration role I held back then. I knew myself well enough that I enjoyed working with people more than working with files!
Every day is different for me now. I’m often on the phone giving information to interested potential members or I’m meeting new people who are joining up. But mostly I’m going through the profiles of my clients and putting matches together. How this works is, I email a lady with a profile of a potential match and if she gives me the green light I will email her profile to the guy. If someone doesn’t want to receive an email, I will read out the profile over the phone. People also have the option of receiving someone’s photo so they won’t be going on a blind date.
It’s a wonderful feeling when I put matches together and help facilitate people to find happiness as part of a loving couple. People who join up are typically mid 30’s to mid 70’s. The one thing they all have in common is they are looking for a long term, committed, romantic relationship. When I match couples, I take into account the age bracket and personality traits each person is looking for. I also cross match hobbies and interests, height, build, value systems, as well as similar levels of education and backgrounds.
So if you would like to become a member of Twoheartsmeet please check out our website
www.twoheartsdating.com or call 085 7742444 for more information.