Limerick Council has no history of cleaning plaques

The Treaty Stone is one of Limerick's best known heritage landmarks.

LIMERICK City and County Council has been asked to undertake analysis of all heritage buildings, bridges, and street monuments to enable cleaning of plaques attached to them.

The request was made by Labour Party councillor Joe Leddin at last month’s Metropolitan District meeting when he was told by Executive Engineer Hugh McGrath that the issue had been raised with the local authority’s Conservation Office.

“They advised that it is not normal practise to clean historical plaques on bridges or monuments,” Mr McGrath explained.

“In some cases there may be a separate plaque with an inscription located adjacent to the monument that is legible for the public to read which can be easily maintained and cleaned when required.”

Cllr Leddin was also informed that a funding source such as a conservation grant would also need to be determined.

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