Dockless shared bicycle scheme to be piloted in Limerick

Peadar Golden, TIER; Rory O’Connor, Raw Cycles; Mayor Francis Foley; Lucas Venditti, TIER and Waylon O’Shaughenssy, Raw Cycles at the launch of the shared bicycle pilot schme in Castletroy.

LIMERICK City and County Council is introducing a dockless shared bicycle scheme on a trial basis to improve access to e-bikes and pedal bikes throughout the city.

This first-of-its-kind project from the Council’s Transportation and Mobility Directorate, involves an initial availability of 75 push bikes and 75 battery power-assisted bicycles.

The bikes will be parked in marked bays or at selected existing bike stands throughout the Castletroy area as well as at Colbert Bus and Rail Station and Locke Quay in the City.

Following a tender process, Nextbike by TIER’s state-of-the-art e-bikes and push bikes will be available for the public to use from Wednesday, April 12. The scheme can be accessed through the Nextbike by TIER app, available for both iOS and Android devices in their respective app stores.

App users can locate bikes, as well as the marked parking bays which are currently being installed. They can unlock the bike and start their journey by scanning a QR code.

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When they want to end their cycle, users locate a marked parking bay in the app, or find an existing bike stand. They then use the on-board lock to secure the bike, end their rental in the app and continue on their way.

The push bikes have seven gears to tackle the steepest hills while the e-bikes have built-in motors and batteries that allow the user carry a heavy load with minimal effort.

Push bikes cost €1 to unlock and then 2c per minute. E-bikes cost €1 to unlock and then 20c a minute. Discounted monthly passes, student rates and other discounts will be available. All journeys must start and finish at one of the parking bays or selected bike stands.

Mayor Francis Foley said the pilot scheme would provide a green and accessible transportation option while reducing unnecessary car journeys and promoting healthy living.

The scheme will provide a viable alternative to non-sustainable forms of transport and improve accessibility to cycling for different demographics and abilities.

Transportation and Mobility Services Director Brian Kennedy said the scheme aligns perfectly with Limerick City and County Council’s vision for a greener and more sustainable Limerick.

“By improving accessibility to cycling for everyone, we’re taking a significant step towards promoting sustainable and healthy transportation options in Limerick. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to explore Limerick on two wheels and experience the many benefits of cycling.”