Daughter of murdered Limerick man inspired by US President

Sarah Corbett Lynch who had a special messgae for President Biden.

THE teenage daughter of a Limerick man beaten to death in the United States has told President Joe Biden in a tweet that he inspires her to get through her grief and to do good in the world.

Sarah Corbett Lynch, (17), who now lives in Limerick City, was in her North Carolina home when her father Jason Corbett, (39), was murdered there in August 2015.

Mr Corbett’s then wife Molly Martens and her father, retired FBI officer Tom Martens, were convicted of second degree murder in 2017 and sentenced to between 20 and 25 years in jail.

The court was told that Mr Corbett was beaten to death with a baseball bat and a concrete brick while he slept. However the Martens claimed they inflicted the fatal injuries in self defence, although they had no defence wounds.

In 2020, the North Carolina Court of Appeals overturned the convictions, on the basis that the judge made errors that denied the Martens a fair trial.

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The Martens have since had their retrial on June 26 moved to Forsyth County in North Carolina, after claiming they would not receive a fair hearing in Davidson County where the first trial was held.

Both Sarah and her 18-year-old brother Jack are expected to give testimony about the night of their father’s death, and about their father’s relationship with their then stepmother Molly Martens.

In a message to President Biden last Friday, the final day of his visit to Ireland, Sarah retweeted him a letter she sent him two years ago in which she wrote about how he was an inspiration to  her and her family.

She told the President she had researched his Irish ancestry and believed he was a man of integrity.

“He is a man of principle and basic human kindness. I like the way that even though he has been through so much and he is still positive and working to make the world a better place,” she explained.

“He seems like the type of person not to judge a book by its cover and does his research. I respect that. Joe also cares about all of the groups that need help and also the ones who don’t. He is a man of the people. Every person.

“It is reassuring to have someone like him in office. President Biden is a good, decent, honest, and honourable human being.

“I think a lot of people in power do use it for the wrong reasons. I am not worried that President Biden would ever do that. Even though generations and an ocean divides us, he is someone I will always look up to.

“He is a man of integrity who has overcome so much. It makes me feel Empowered and helps me to believe that with hard work, love and kindness I can do anything I dream of doing.

“I wrote a children’s book called “Noodle Loses Dad” about my own experience when I lost my Dad at 8 years old in order to help children to cope with bereavement and loss.

“I was living in North Carolina when my Dad died. My Mam has died when I was 12 weeks old of an asthma attack. I moved to Ireland with my aunty Tracey and became part of a blended family. I am loved.

“I finally convinced Tracey to let me published my book which really helped a lot of young children. I was named as one of Ireland most inspiring young women, was nominated person of the year in my city of Limerick. In 2020 I was awarded the National Garda youth award for my advocacy work and volunteering.

Addressing President Biden, she wrote: “I have never written to anyone like this before. I want you to know you are inspiring.

“My cell screensaver has one of your quotes from your nomination acceptance speech: “Failure at some point in your life is inevitable – giving up is unforgivable”.

“These words sit with me and motivate me every single day. Thank you President Biden,” she concluded.