Hometown helper Sarah brings her mindset workshop to Limerick’s Savoy Hotel

Sarah Woulfe (centre) at her previous workshop event in Tralee

UNIVERSITY of Limerick graduate Sarah Woulfe has been on a journey of self discovery over the past three years. Now, she’s gearing up to share her secrets with the people of Limerick.

Sarah is a self describe ‘minset mentor’, who has found success and fulfillment in helping others. Following a highly regarded ‘Ultimate Life Design Workshop (ULDW) in Tralee, County Kerry, this past January, she’s bringing her home brand of self help to Limerick’s Savoy Hotel on September 9.

Speaking to the Limerick Post, Sarah shared how her life was completely transformed by working on her mindset, and how she uses her own journey to help others find their own paths.

“I’ve had various career paths, all which I’m grateful for and have provided me with amazing opportunities, but nothing that fulfils me like coaching does. I’ve been interested in self-development my whole life, and continuously invested in my mind, whether it be through courses, books, seminars, or workshops.”

“I’ve witnessed incredible transformations while working with clients one-on-one, and I wanted to create a special day for others where I could condense some of the mindset shifts and practicalities behind these transformations, passing them on to others.”

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She emphasises the “incredible energy” that arises in a room full of like-minded women determined to achieve more in their lives.

She put a poll out to her Instagram followers to ask their preferred location for the next ULDW, and lo and behold, the born and bred Limerick native says that the Treaty County emerged as the top choice.

What’s a Mindset Mentor?

A mindset mentor serves as a role model who shares their knowledge, experience, and insights to help mentees navigate challenges, gain new perspectives, and develop a mindset aligned with their goals.

Mentors like Sarah draw from their own experiences, successes, and failures to provide guidance and valuable insights.

They offer advice, strategies, and techniques, helping clients understand different approaches and perspectives. This, however, is a collaborative process that requires active engagement and commitment from both mentor and mentee, with the aim of developing a growth-oriented mindset and acquiring the tools and skills needed to achieve goals.

Hometown hostess

The ULDW event, hosted at the lavish Henry Street venue, welcomes females of all ages who share a desire for growth and change.

Hostess Sarah encourages solo attendees to embrace the experience, inviting “anyone determined to say goodbye to the past, feel a new sense of confidence within themselves, and get clear on their direction going forward.”

“Women are welcome to come by themselves and meet new women at their table – it’s a gorgeous way to network with others too.”

During the workshop, Sarah will guide attendees to release emotional baggage and let go of limiting beliefs. Participants will learn effective strategies to structure their days and establish a transformative morning routine that sets the tone for success.

Confidence-building, prioritising health and fitness, and harnessing the power of manifestation are core components of the workshop’s mission. The event takes a hands-on approach, utilising interactive workbooks to create personal roadmaps for success.

Sarah, along with a team of coaches and guest speakers, will guide participants through various topics, including letting go of the past, releasing anxiety, and employing effective therapies and cognitive-behavioral frameworks.

Guest speakers include Michelle Johnston of MJ Fitness, Sorcha Hanway of Seed Mindset Coaching, and empowerment coach Patri Delahunty.

Inviting the women of Limerick to go on a journey with her, Sarah says: “This is your day to romanticize your life and everything you’ve created for yourself so far, feel that self-love and augment it by getting, even more, crystal clear on your direction going forward.”

Tickets for the September 9 event go on sale this July 9, advance booking is advised.