Goose Chase Theatre present Shaw’s The Man of Destiny

GOOSE Chase Theatre, the Limerick-based theatre group, is running a production of George Bernard Shaw’s The Man of Destiny in No. 1 Pery Square this Thursday July 20 and Friday July 21 (8pm) and in the Honey Fitz Theatre on July 29.
One of Shaw’s comedies, it follows Napoleon Bonaparte in a battle of wits with a spy, an idiot lieutenant, a cowardly innkeeper and his own ego.
The play is directed by Luke Frawley, stage managed by Erin Fitzgerald, with dramaturgy by Dr David Clare, and stars Pádraig Lohan, Tara Monaghan, James Corr and Ronan Deegan.
The origins of Goose Chase Theatre lies in a group of friends creating comedic episodes over several cups of coffee.
“In the heart of Limerick City, amidst the aroma of coffee and creativity, a silly yet ambitious idea was born. As we sipped our mochas, we conceived scripts that made us laugh in the dim glow of our laptop screens at 3 am. Through hard work and many a vanilla latte, we made these scripts a reality.
“Our first stumble onto the stage? “Stage Frights! A Night of Spooky Plays,” an unforgettable night that made everyone laugh, including ourselves. That quirky start fuelled us to keep exploring, learning, and having fun, as we grew into the freewheeling ensemble now known as Goose Chase Theatre.”