Man with 185 previous convictions had sentence on his head when he stole again

Judge Patricia Harney

A MAN accused of burglary and theft charges, who already had a sentence hanging over him, came to court with 185 previous convictions, a judge was told.

Noel Franklyn (37), of 114 Mount Kenneth Apartments, pleaded guilty before Limerick District Court to charges of handling a stolen laptop, taking €70 in cash from a kickboxing club in the city, entering as a tresspasser, having possession of a long-nosed pliers on the Ennis Road with intent to burgle, and stealing €6,000 worth of power tools from a garden shed.

Judge Patricia Harney heard that all the tools had been recovered with the exception of a chainsaw.

Judge Harney heard that on May 27, 2020, Mr Franklyn had been sentenced to two and a half years in jail for burglary, with one year of that sentence suspended for three years.

The crimes before the court had been committed within that three year period, meaning Mr Franklyn will now have to serve that year in jail as the suspended sentence is triggered by his reoffending.

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The court heard that the majority of his previous convictions were for theft or handling stolen goods.

After hearing he is already in custody since April 4, Judge Harney sentenced Mr Franklyn to a total of 14 weeks in jail on four of the charges with the rest of the offences taken into consideration.