Book doctors to deliver reading prescription as part of Culture Night

The book doctors will be doing the rounds in Croom and Ennis hospitals this Culture Night.

THERE are some trolleys that patients in hospital are glad to see, including the tea trolley. To celebrate Culture Night, there will be a very special trolley delivery for patients in Croom and Ennis from the Read Mór book gifting project.

Books are not just a means of passing the time. A spokesman for Read Mór told the Limerick Post that “the latest research on reading and the arts has shown that reading physically lowers your heart rate and induces relaxing, healthy calmness.”

“It’s one of the reasons we chose hospitals for this Culture Night. Another is that the theme of the night is culture for everyone and people in hospital can’t get out to enjoy culture so we’ll bring it to them.”

Patients will be able to escape to the furthest reaches of their imagination with a choice of 29 different books by Irish authors and publishers.

This September 22, the Read Mór ‘Book Doctors’ and their teams will be prescribing over 3,600 free books from their library trolleys as they visit the wards and public spaces.

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And once patients have enjoyed their book, they will be encouraged to pass it on to another patient or friend and spread the healthy message that reading is good for you.