A sad farewell to beautiful Shay-Shay

The coffin bearing the remains of seven year old Shay Lynch leaving St Senan’s church in Clonlara Photo: Liam Burke/Press 22.

THE FATHER of seven year old Co Clare schoolboy Shay (James) Lynch said today “we will forever love you. You will always be forever our beautiful boy Shay-Shay”.

Addressing mourners at his son’s funeral mass at St Senan’s Church in Clonlara today, James Lynch said “To Shay-Shay – our amazing little boy. From your first breath, we have loved you so much with all of our hearts.”

The 1st class pupil at Scoil Seanáin Naofa, Clonlara in south east Clare died following a tragic accident at a Co Clare hotel pool on Saturday while attending a party at the hotel.

At his funeral mass today, James said that he would complete the playhouse that Shay had started work on “just the way you wanted it”.

Addressing ‘Shay-Shay’, James said: “Thank you for all the lovely pictures and lovely notes that you have left on our pillows as surprises for us – we will cherish everyone of them.”

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He said: “You were such a gentle, caring, sweet boy who wouldn’t harm a fly.”

He said: “Thank you for loving me, your Mommy, and big sister and friend, Abi. Your favourite teddy Dougie is in safe hands now with Abi.”

James said: “You were such an amazing artist and so creative in every way. I have even in the past sent your god-father John some of your pictures  – I was that proud of you.”

James said: “I will miss you coming to work with me and how you loved putting on your little works-pants and pencil over your ear.”

“I promise that I will never leave the first piece of timber you cut for your playhouse a few weeks ago away from us with the lovely pictures you drew on them.”

“I know you always said that you would like to be a builder like me and you already had your apprenticeship started and you would have been a great one.

“I know that you have been so happy to have your Mommy as secretary in your school these past few months.  We were so proud of the amazing reports from your teachers.”

James said: “We know that you are safe now and at peace with your Nana Christina….We will forever miss you – we will forever love you. You will always be forever our beautiful boy Shay-Shay.”

Earlier, James had helped carry his son’s white coffin to the top of the church and briefly kissed the photo of his son in his Clonlara colours as he comforted daughter Abi.

Fr Pat Mulcahy said last weekend was joyful as 41 local children celebrated their Confirmation.

He recalled meeting Shay’s mother, Tania at the Confirmation service on Saturday “and we went about our respective businesses. Just another day…”

He said: “That evening a dark cloud had descended on our parish community as information disseminated through social media regarding the sad news which stopped all of us in our tracks.”

Fr Mulcahy said that two weeks ago Shay planted two shrubs at the grave of his Nana Christina at Bridgetown cemetery.

Fr Mulcahy said that Shay was so happy he did that “and little did we or he know that he would be laid to rest where he planted that shrub beside his Nana where he will remain forever young”.

Fr Mulcahy said that James told him that when asked what she liked about her brother, Abi replied ‘I love everything about him”.

And he urged the community: “If our hearts are troubled because of events out of our control, we should seek help, talk to a friend or a counsellor – there is help available so we pray for healing of memories and peace of mind.”

Earlier momentos brought to the altar included Shay’s Clonlara club jersey and his hurley.

Shay’s big sister, Abi “who he adored”, and his cousin Cory brought up his “beloved Dougie” teddy and some of his favourite toys.

Also presented were Shay’s work pants, pencil and tools some of Shay’s art work, his favourite treat from Nanny – Oreo cookies and his school jumper from Scoil Seanáin Naofa.