From screen to scream – This year’s biggest TV and film-inspired Halloween looks

Wednesday Addams. Photo: Instagram.

WITH Halloween just a few weeks away, it’s time to get thinking about costume ideas. Whether you’re heading to a big Halloween bash or dressing up for the long weekend nights out, there were some huge releases this year to draw inspiration from.

For those on the hunt, there are also some great Halloween pop-up shops in Limerick this year to help get you Halloween ready.

Barbie is the big one this year following the release of the major summer blockbuster starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

The beauty to this one is that you can be whichever Barbie you want to be. Stereotypical Barbie and Cowboy Barbie are sure to be the most popular choice this year, but why not opt for one of the film’s deeper cuts, like President Barbie or Doctor Barbie?

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There’s a Barbie for all of us, and so much fun to be had in the choosing.

Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ broke records when it dropped at the end of last year. The Addams family has been a popular costume choice since time immemorial, but the success of the spin off only indicates that Wednesday Addams will be a top pick when it comes to costumes this year.

The Wednesday look is such an easy one to replicate too: pop on your favourite black outfit with the signature Wednesday Addams pigtails and you’re good to go. Don’t forget, smiles are forbidden.

Bridgerton has been a Halloween staple for years, but with the release of the spin off series ‘Queen Charlotte’, the hype around the show’s Regency aesthetic is stronger than ever.

If you want to commit fully to the look, pairing a corset with a midi skirt is the way to go. Otherwise, pairing the same corset with a shorter skirt is a great way to add a modern twist.

The Little Mermaid
Every girls wants to be a Disney princess, and Halloween is the one time of year we actually get to. The Little Mermaid, another Disney classic retold this year, is a great one if you’re trick or treating with the kids or just a Disney lover yourself looking to make a splash.

Style this costume modestly with a shiny green skirt and purple t-shirt or go all out with a shell bra and green pants for the tail. The opportunities are endless with this costume, just don’t forget the signature red hair!