This Saturday: Soda Blonde ‘Dream Big’

Soda Blonde

FOLLOWING the success of their debut album, ‘Small Talk,’ Soda Blonde’s sophomore record, ‘Dream Big,’ has captured the hearts of fans since its release in September. This album is a manifesto of hope and determination, inviting listeners to embrace life’s fleeting moments and reach for their loftiest aspirations.

Faye O’Rourke’s intensely confessional songwriting and the band’s lifelong friendship come to life in a musical journey full of raw passion, bold sonics, and hard truths.

O’Rourke reflects, “In a world where everything is so disposable, we hope people feel like they own a piece of this album. We hope they feel a sense of empowerment, realising that the journey is a common thing, and we’re all on the same path.”

The record has received acclaim from The Irish Times, The Business Post, RTE Entertainment, and No More Workhorse, with Hot Press hailing it as “electro pop with real warmth and soul.” Headstuff adds, “This is a phenomenal record from start to finish.”

Soda Blonde will play Dolans this Saturday November 25, followed by the After Show Party on Dolans Terrace playing alternative/disco.

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