Katie O’Riordan releases ‘That Little Robin’ her first Christmas song.

Limerick songwriter Katie O’Riordan has released her first Christmas Song called ‘That Little Robin’. Katie began her song writing journey during the Covid19. She began recording some demos and started posting her music on social media. She released her debut song ‘Daydreamer’ in June 2023.

‘That Little Robin’ is a song about wintertime. It is available to stream on Spotify and you can support/follow Katie on Instagram.

The colder weather, darker mornings and the overall change in life that this season brings are all components of this song. as Katie explains.

“I try to find beauty in the parts of life that are mostly viewed in a negative way and when it comes to Winter, the thing that gets me through it is looking forward to Christmas. 

“I definitely got in touch with my inner child while writing it and I think that’s what makes me happy when I listen back to it. I find so much peace walking down a little road to a graveyard where some of my family are buried near my home.

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“My favourite part is being greeted by little robins there at wintertime. So of course this is what inspired this single.” 

Katie’s aunt was lead singer of ‘The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan and a huge inspiration to Katie. She was buried in this graveyard that Katie speaks about and this gives away a hidden meaning in this song. 

There’s a line in the song that says; “They appear when loved ones are near.” This insinuates that the little robin that appears and helps us to find the beauty in life, could actually be our loved ones coming to remind us to enjoy life and not dwell on the fact that they are not there physically. Our loved ones who have passed, still want us to be happy and enjoy the little things.