Limerick councillors barking for dog park in City North

Labour councillor Conor Sheehan.

THE council has been urged to replicate the success of the dog park in Mungret with a similar facility in the north of the city.

At last Monday’s meeting of the Metropolitan District, Labour councillor Conor Sheehan proposed that the local authority allocates appropriate funding for a dog park in Bishop O’Brien Park.

Cllr Sheehan told council members that he has been working with the Parks Department in relation to identifying a suitable site for a dog park in Limerick City North.

“One of the sites that I know has been identified is Bishop O’Brien Park in Clare Street, which is eminently suitable for a dog park. It is located right next to the Park Canal, it is very close to the city centre, there are an awful lot of dogs that transit the area, and this would not cost a crazy amount of money,” he told the council executive.

“It is something we should look at allocating funding towards. We’ve done this in Mungret already. We have seen the success of these initiatives.”

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Cllr Sheehan took the view that with O’Brien Park being so near the canal, it would be ideal for a dog park.

Formally seconding the motion, Sinn Féin councillor Sharon Benson revealed that she is in discussions with the council in relation to another area for a smaller dog park in Limerick City North. However, she still voiced her full support to Cllr Sheehan’s motion and believes Clare Street would be absolutely ideal.

“The success of the one in Mungret has been really great, I do think it is time to start rolling them out now,” Cllr Benson insisted.

Social Democrats councillor Elisa O’Donovan also gave her full support.

Councillor Elisa O’Donovan with Dixie and Dottie.

“The dog park in Mungret has just been a huge success. I was there on Saturday with my niece’s dogs, Dixie and Dottie. The Mungret one is just fantastic, it’s a fantastic facility for dogs to be allowed off the leash,” she enthused.

Senior Engineer Aidan Finn said that the council has identified a possible location for a dog park in O’Brien Park, however funding may muzzle the idea.

“There is currently no funding source identified for the project. The council will continue in its endeavours to source funding for the project,” he concluded.