Short films by Limerick artists to be showcased at Dublin International Film Festival

A still from the Niamh Collins directed 'Mob the Trench', which will be screened at the Dublin International Film Festival (DIFF).

TWO Limerick filmmakers will be featured at the Dublin International Film Festival (DIFF) this year.

Short films by Róisín Leavy-Sahn and Niamh Collins will be showcased during the festival, which runs from February 22 to March 2.

Róisín Leavy-Sahn’s short film ‘Rat King‘ and the Niamh Collins directed ‘Mob the Trench‘ will be screened on March 1 at the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin.

The festival will also see a screening of Danny McCafferty’s ‘The Line‘, which sees Limerick-man Joe Mullins play the role of Joe Walsh.

Rat King‘ tells the story of a young boy who falls in love with a dead rat. It begins to rot him, setting off a frenzy in his village with disastrous consequences.

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Niamh Collins’ short ‘Mob the Trench‘ takes place in the future where an equation disproves the existence of god, leaving a mechanically-preserved priest questioning his life choices. To make things worse, his once friendly church-going followers have become an angry mob desperate for answers.

Danny McCafferty’s ‘The Line’ tells the story of Joe Walsh, a man who lives a quiet and somewhat predictable rural life in the sleepy Irish town of Finbarrack, which is upended with the death of his older brother Patrick.

At the same time, Nina, a Ukrainian refugee, arrives in Joe’s village. They form an unlikely friendship which spurs Joe to question his prejudices towards outsiders.