Saving face with some special treatment from High Care Health and Beauty Studio

Before and after my treatment with Aiva at High Care Health & Beauty Studio

I WAS lucky enough to be invited over to High Care Health and Beauty Studio in Limerick for a treatment last week over at the beauty and wellness studio on the Bloodmill Road run by High Care proprietor Aiva.

Aiva specialises in non-invasive skincare and body treatments and made sure to talk me through every step of the process, as well as get a detained understanding of my skin, before kicking the treatment off.

As someone with acne-prone skin, I am very cautious of anything new or too harsh on my skin, but Aiva proved to be a very safe pair of hands.

The treatment started with lymphatic drainage boots, which you wear on your legs to remove lactic acid and improve circulation.

While the boots worked their magic, Aiva got to work on my face. She started with an enzyme peel mask and steam – so relaxing! Then she moved on to do a vacuum suction/cupping massage to remove any build up under my skin and promote skin tissue regeneration.

Following on from this she used a high frequency tool on my skin which promotes skin healing, as well as using ultrasound technology to penetrate the products she was using deeper into the skin.

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The treatment ended with the part I was most excited for, having seen it used all over social media – Ion Light Therapy. This one is aimed at boosting the skin’s metabolic processes. It sees oxygen ions flow through a dome placed on the head, beneficial for the immune and respiratory system.

All in all, the treatment left my skin looking brighter and healthier and there were visible changes to the structure of my face due to the lymphatic drainage reducing fluid retention.

Aiva is currently in the process of rebranding her studio under the new Revior brand.To book an appoitment please call 089- 468 9854 or visit High Care Health & Beauty Studio Facebook Page.