Time to ground and reconnect on new ambient release Awakening

LIMERICK musician/producer Tony Monahan best known for his work with the band Protobaby and alternative duo Pity Of The Sea will release his debut solo album of ambient works on April 26 followed by a live performance with vocalist Óscar Mascareñas to launch the album at Spacecraft Artist Studios, Limerick on Friday May 3 (7-9pm). 

Tony completed an MA in Composition and Creative Music Practice at the Irish World Academy in 2023. The new album called ‘Awaken’ was composed by reflecting and observing the sounds around us and the sounds we encounter. 

Tony says, “I was inspired to compose ‘Awaken’ as a gift and an escape for someone I deeply care for, someone who had gone through some very difficult times. To use as a form of meditation, to get lost in, to ground and re-connect.

“I hope ‘Awaken’ gives the listener a sense of calm but also a sense of mystery and wonder. A complement to their day, a companion to new thoughts and ideas. Not unlike the often unrecognised companionship to our day by the ever changing sounds and colours of our environment and nature.”

Most of the sounds on the album are generated by guitars. The track ‘Conflux’ features the voice of transcendental poet and singer Óscar Mascareñas. Tony began a practice with Óscar, exploring freeform ambient improvisation last year. Tickets for the launch on May 3 at https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/awaken-by-tony-monahan-album-launch-and-sound-installation-tickets-883230214347.

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