LeanBPI launches digital fitness check for small business

Minister for Business, Employment, and Retail Emer Higgins and John O'Shanahan, managing director of LeanBPI.

 LEANBPI, the Irish digital growth consultancy for SMEs and microenterprises, announced the launch of its Digital Readiness Assessment – a personal digital readiness assessment for microenterprise leaders in Ireland.

By providing this measurement, LeanBPI will help microenterprises to understand their current capabilities and guide them in adopting appropriate digital technologies.

This will enhance the competitiveness of Ireland’s microenterprises, help ensure their survival in the digital age and open up new revenue streams. In doing so, it provides a vital service to the country’s economy, which is highly reliant on microenterprises.

LeanBPI is partnering with a number of Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) on the rollout of the Digital Readiness Assessment, including those in Tipperary, Offaly, Mayo, Longford, Leitrim and Cavan, with promising take-up across other counties.

Collectively, microenterprises employ 28% of the workforce and contribute 16% to Ireland’s Gross Value Added (GVA). However, due to their size, microenterprises often lack the in-house skills and budgets required for digital transformation.

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Minister for Business, Employment, and Retail, Ms Emer Higgins TD, said: I’m delighted to welcome LeanBPI’s new digital fitness test. As a Limerick-based digital growth consultancy, working with our Local Enterprise Offices, they play a crucial role in assessing the digital readiness of microenterprises across Ireland. Given that small businesses employing up to nine people make up more than 90 per cent of our business sector, their growth is essential for the Irish economy.”