Playing With Fire


Cat Costigan wayofthefightLimerick cage fighter Catherine Costigan presents the latest instalment of her weekly blog as she prepares for her upcoming Cage Warriors fight at The Helix in Dublin on Saturday August 16.


It’s Friday, thank Crunchie. I can’t have one.

I’m on my way to Dublin for another top striking and MMA session with Paul Cowser. Last week I had the pleasure and pain of learning from judo master Sophie Cox. She’s done it all in her career, competed all over the world and had the honour of representing her country in the Olympics.

It’s extremely important that I train with people who have pushed their minds and bodies to a higher level of aggression. When Sophie gets her hands on you, it’s like the funny ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon. Tom getting thrown back and forth is me. She’s Jerry Judo.

My opponent has a judo background and it’s important that I work a plan for every way she may use this against me. Now judo looks easy when you see Ronda Rousey use it but let me tell you all it’s like playing with fire.

If you go into the cage thinking you can just grab on and magic will happen…well, hit the timing and body positioning at the wrong moment and you get burnt.

A reversal happens and you’re stuck  in a headlock. But as I’ve learnt in my fight career, any mistake can be fixed and you will learn to master the fire.

Sophie spent many hours pushing me to understand how to set it up and see the pattern in it for MMA. My mind after five hours on Thursday was gone. I’ve no idea how I taught my ladies’ class that night after the two mad days.

Then again I had a big smile on my face before she left when she said I’m a warrior. That makes each step in this journey easier, having the best coaches in the world believe in you.

OK, I’m here in Dublin time to work, another step towards The Helix Cage Warriors on August 16. I’m making sure I give the best performance for my Alpha Female Force. Don’t miss it ,please see video below of me being Tom!

Thank you to Grace Mulqueen, my main sparring buddy who let herself be my crash test dummy. She is, in two words, unreal cool.

Link to video: Catherine and Sophie in training