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Opinions divided over abortion pill bus


20151023_163421 THE arrival of the Abortion Pill Bus to Limerick city centre on Friday was met with reactions from local members of both the pro-choice and pro-life movements.

The bus, which travelled to four cities around Ireland last week, housed a mobile clinic where women seeking abortion pills could consult with doctors from the Women on Web organisation.

Socialist Party TD Ruth Coppinger and ROSA (Reproductive rights against Oppression, Sexism and Austerity) activists were also on board the bus.

Pro-choice activist and one of the organisers of the Limerick rally, Aprille Scully said the event was organised “to highlight the need for a repeal of the 8th Amendment and to publicise the pills as a safe, cheap and non-surgical abortion being denied to women”.

“The state needs to own up to reality – Ireland is not abortion free and the state must take steps to guarantee women’s safety with regards to basic healthcare. This starts with holding a referendum to Repeal the 8th amendment.”

Limerick Pro Life campaign PRO Jim Hickey questioned the legality of providing abortion pills due to the current legislation governing terminations in Ireland.

“We believe the majority of people abhor abortion and will vote no to any broadening of abortion laws in Ireland”, he said.

Mr Hickey also pointed out that Dr Ruth Cullen of the Pro Life campaign recently said that “those lending their support to the ‘abortion pill bus’ have no credibility talking about women’s health”.

The Life Institute accused the organisers behind the ‘Abortion Pill Bus’ tour of “playing fast and loose with women’s lives” and slammed it as “a cheap publicity stunt”.


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