The mighty oratario of Bach’s Mass in B Minor


NOT performed in Limerick once over the last five decades, the might of Limerick Choral Union is summoned to master Bach’s Mass in B Minor. Anticipate 130 singers on stage accompanied by a 32-piece orchestra and singing in six part harmonies to do this profoundly beautiful work justice.

University Concert Hall is venue this Saturday 12, 8pm for a concert that will “joyful and sublime. It’s very moving.”

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“Bach’s Mass in B Minor is considered the pinnacle of all choral works,” chorister Lorraine McMahon tells Limerick Post. “I have been with the choir for the past 20 years and this has been the hardest piece to learn, by far. We began rehearsing it last September and since January have been really into it.

“We have five-hour rehearsals on training weekends as well as meeting weekly – you just have to put your heart and soul into it.”

Lorraine is a good judge of the skill required by all parties, orchestra and Limerick Choral Union’s musical director Malcolm Green most of all. She is close to completing a Bachelor’s in Voice and Dance Performance and appreciative of the four-part harmonies required for pieces such as ‘Osanna’. Here the sopranos and the altos are divided into two further halves to deliver the full complexity of sound. Two choirs are required.

LCU’s orchestra is led by “the very capable and talented Yuki Nishioka. A total of 11 violinists, four violas, four cellos, a double bass, two bassoon, two oboes, two flutes, three trumpets, horn, percussionist and organist. Then, off course, we have the four soloists, Rachel Croash soprano, Sarah-Ellen Murphy alto, Andrew Gavin tenor and John Molloy bass.”

“It will be a really joyful choral work and those three trumpeteers will give it a great sound.”

Our privilege to book on for Saturday 12, 8pm.