Boxing clever with tax

Paul Molloy of Box Clever Tax

MANY business owners and individuals miss out on the generous tax exemptions and reliefs available under the Irish Tax Acts. The reason for this is down to a common misunderstanding. It is the assumption made that accountants must know everything about tax.

The truth is that accountants are experts at accounting. Tax consultants are experts in taxation. You wouldn’t expect your local GP to be able to carry out back surgery if you needed it. You would go to a back specialist and, using the same logic, if you want to know what tax opportunities are possible for you, than speak with a tax consultant.

Paul Molloy is a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) and the owner of based in Islandbridge in Dublin. He’s helped clients plan their Wills so as to minimise tax. He has met with many business owners to guide them through important reliefs such as Revised Entrepreneurial Relief and Retirement Relief that allows them to take cash out of their business and pay only 10 per cent in Capital Gains Tax or even 0 per cent.

To avail of a free consultation, you can call Paul on 086 8888570 or email him on [email protected] so that he can let you know what’s possible for you.