Balance Float Rooms: Bringing Floatation Therapy To Limerick


Established in January 2020, Balance Float Rooms is a Floatation Therapy Centre in Castletroy, Limerick. Balance’s mission is to provide its clients with a therapeutic experience that supports their journey towards holistic wellbeing. To achieve this, the Balance Team has created a unique environment designed with tranquility, relaxation, openness, and accessibility in mind.

Floatation Therapy involves a bespoke float pod filled with twenty-five centimetres of skin-temperature water and a half-tonne of Epsom salt. This combination allows your body to effortlessly float on the surface of the water – creating a sense of zero gravity. The high levels of Magnesium within the water solution support the body’s healing systems, helping to decrease inflammation naturally.

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With +160 five-star reviews, clients have reported Floatation Therapy delivers benefits such as:

Reduced Stress & Anxiety
Chronic Pain Relief
Optimised Muscle Recovery
Improved Sleep Quality
Enhanced Focus & Creativity
Pregnancy Support
Deep Meditation Practice
Revitalised Hair & Skin

Each Float Pod contains a triple-filtration system and all high-touch surfaces are sanitised between each appointment. We are currently operating under a reduced schedule and adhering to HSE health & safety guidelines.

Experience the benefits of Floatation Therapy by booking your session (or purchasing a giftcard) online at:

Use code LIMERICKPOST for 10% off your Float Session

“It has been such a pleasure to be able to support the physical & mental health of our community and frontline workers during these difficult times”
Patrick Barry – Balance Owner