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Law Society updates Limerick solicitors on key employment and litigation issues at online conference


ON Friday 2 July, over 100 solicitors from across Clare and Limerick attended the Solicitors’ Essential Update 2021, the fourth in a series of online events taking place this year to support local solicitors to upskill while working remotely.

Organised by Law Society Finuas Skillnet in association with the Clare and Limerick Bar Associations, the conference provided an opportunity for local solicitors to stay up-to-date in areas of law relevant to their daily work, including conveyancing, employment and litigation.

Solicitor Patrick Moylan, O’Kelly Moylan Solicitors, is President of the Clare Law Association and chaired the online event. He said, “A large number of solicitors in Clare and Limerick work as sole practitioners or in smaller firms and the Solicitors’ Essential Update 2021 was the perfect opportunity for them to attend virtually, upskill in essential areas of law and address the issues faced in practice.”

“Hospitality is an important industry in the west of Ireland. As businesses across Limerick reopen and navigate the months ahead, it is important they plan carefully. This might require implementing extra policies and training to ensure staff and client safety during continued restrictions,” said Mr Moylan.

“The conference dealt with various aspects of employment law and how to resolve any potential employment disputes,” he said. “As legal experts, your local solicitor can advise on business and employment related matters and can help you plan in advance for success.”

Expert speakers in litigation also addressed the conference and highlighted key issues emerging in practice including changes to personal injury guidelines.

“On 24 April 2021, new personal injury guidelines were introduced. Litigation experts addressed the conference to discuss what these guidelines will mean in practical terms for solicitors and their clients,” explained Mr Moylan.

“These new guidelines have resulted in significant cuts in the awards made in most types of minor and medium-range injuries and will continue to have a huge impact on personal injury cases going forward,” said Mr Moylan.

“The conference was an opportunity to consider how these changes are already being implemented in practice and how to assist clients in dealing with them,” he said.

“Solicitors are expert advisors and are vital to the sustainability of our communities, whether it is for advice on business issues, litigation, conveyancing or family matters. Limerick solicitors are up-to-date on key practice issues and are here to support our clients,” he said. “If you need advice, talk to your local solicitor.”

For more information on the Solicitors’ Essential Update 2021, see: Solicitors’ Essential Update 2021


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