Hearing aids fully covered under your PRSI contributions if qualified

Helen Shinners, Hearing Ear Healthcare

HEARING aid technology has advanced significantly in recent years, so it makes sense to deal with an independent audiologist that  deals with not just one but all of the major hearing aid suppliers.
Croom-based Hearing Ear Healthcare is one of the top independent hearing aid specialists in the Mid West and Managing Director Helen Shinners says that the wider range of suppliers means that they can source the most appropriate hearing correction device for their customers.
“Large, one-size-fits-all units, have been replaced by small digital devices that are almost invisible and are programmed to the user’s exact requirements,” she explains.
“Digital aids now automatically adapt to the user’s surroundings and can detect the difference between a whisper and loud ambient noise. The result has to be heard to be believed. In most cases, the difference it makes in hearing quality is genuinely life changing.
“Your hearing is important. Don’t suffer in silence or make do with a hearing aid that is not restoring your hearing to the best it can possibly be.
“All fittings are performed by a trained audiologist with over ten years’ experience. There is a money back guarantee on all our hearing aids so, if you are not happy, return them for a full refund.
“We also offer unlimited batteries and after care support with a four year warranty on all hearing aids.”

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