Local ambassadors acknowledged for promoting lifelong learning

Patricia Sheehan, Tom Kearns and Breda Butterfied at the presentation to Learning Ambassadors from Southill by the Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board.

THE contribution made by three people from Southill to the promotion of lifelong learning was acknowledged at a special presentation hosted by the Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board’s Further Education and Training Centre at Kilmallock Road Campus.

Learning Limerick Ambassadors is a novel grassroots initiative that brings the Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival into the everyday lives of people.

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The Learning Ambassadors are Limerick people from all walks of life, united by a common interest in promoting, developing and celebrating learning.
They share inspiring learning stories from their own lives or the lives of people in their families and communities.

In December 2019, the Learning Ambassadors participated in a Story Exchange training project with Narrative 4, which developed their skills to ‘tell their story’. Following this training, through video interviews the Ambassadors told their own stories of lifelong learning and why they were passionate about becoming a Learning Ambassador.

This series of interviews was formally launched through a virtual event with the Mayor of the City and County of Limerick in December 2020.
The flagship event for the festival in May 2021 was a ‘Live Interviews and Panel Discussion’ webinar event with the Learning Ambassadors on the first day to open the festival.
The ambassadors, three from Southill – Patricia Sheehan, Tom Kearns and Breda Butterfied,and the other five ambassadors across Limerick City and County, were all delighted with the opportunity to be involved in the project over the past two years.

They were particularly happy to be honoured with the presentation event and to receive photobooks profiling the development of the project.