Specs and the City: SATC-inspired specs style as recommended by Specsavers

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon)

THE highly anticipated Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, is finally here and it’s not just ‘the girls’ who were missed, but their iconic fashion moments too.
From Carrie’s footwear fetish to Samantha’s infamous Birkin bag, the original show started trends, rewrote fashion rules, and served as an ultimate guide to 90/00s style.
With the show’s revival, the returning cast have embraced a particular accessory like never before – glasses. Each of the leads has been spotted showcasing fabulous specs and if previous series are anything to go by, fans will be clamouring to replicate the looks themselves.
Here, the Specsavers style team share recommendations on how to recreate SATC’s specs style.

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker)

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), pictured in front of her trusty Mac, looks chic as ever in these oversized square glasses. Try Specsavers Sadie, €149 for your own dose of 70s-inspired glam.

Charlotte (Kristen Davis)

Charlotte (Kristen Davis) elevates her Park Avenue princess look with statement tortoiseshell glasses. Recreate it with specs designed by another New York stalwart, Marc Jacobs, €199.

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon)

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) looks sophisticated in these clear glasses, a modern take on a classic shape.
River €129 from the new and exclusive ReWear collection is a close alternative. The foundation of each frame in the range is five discarded water bottles, repurposed into plastic chips
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