Debut album on Sony’s XXIM from Paddy Mulcahy


COMPOSER/PRODUCER Paddy Mulcahy will release his latest album on Friday August 12 with an event at Wickham Way. Released on XXIM Records, the new record ‘Angel’s Share’ follows last year’s EP ‘Tidal Oscillations’ on the same label.
XXIM Records (Twenty-One M) is a Berlin based imprint formed by Sony Music Masterworks in 2021 and is home to a bespoke roster of new artists including Icelandic composer Eydis Evensen and Franco-American composer, Uele Lamore, exploring neo-classical, post-rock, electronic, and ambient sounds.
Paddy reported, “I’m happy to announce that I will be launching my new album Angel’s Share this August in Limerick City.
“Over the past six months, I’ve been working hard with a close team of people at my label (XXIM Records) and beyond to bring you this new body of music that has been in the making for just about 2 years.”
The album brings together threads of electronica, classical, ambient, dance, avant-pop, chillwave and drum & bass to create a multi-dimensional work of shifting rhythm, texture and mood.
Along with Paddy’s 11 synths (“my band members!”), the album also features live musicians for the first time on the Limerickman’s records, namely drummer Myles O’Callaghan and violinist Gareth Quinn Redmond.
“As my debut album for XXIM, I really wanted it to sound the very best it could, and taking the music to Myles and Gareth allowed me to fully express the emotions I wanted to capture.”
Tickets for the event available at