Limerick Garda warning over ‘crimes of opportunity’

Limerick Garda Crime Prevention Officer Sgt Ber Leetch

GARDAÍ are reminding the public to check that all doors and windows in their homes and cars are securely locked following what they described as “a number of crimes of opportunity” in the Limerick area last week.

Criminals are routinely checking car doors to see if they are open, as well as windows and doors of houses to gain easy access.

Garda Crime Prevention Officer Sgt. Ber Leetch issued the warning following the attempted burglary of a home in the Shelbourne Park area.

On October 20, a man in his 40s was awoken to the sound of the alarm from his doorbell camera when the sensor at the front door was interrupted.

He saw a man trying the handle of his front door and shouted at him, causing him to run away.

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However a woman, also in the Shelbourne Area, was not as lucky.

On the same night, she left her front door unlocked. A criminal gained entry to her home, took her car keys and drove away with her car.

Another woman in Shannon Banks left her back door unlocked and a pair of earrings worth €250 were stolen.

Another burglary took place at a house in Cathedral Place when the homeowner left a window open in the kitchen. This resulted in the theft of jewellery worth €650.

Sgt. Leetch is urging the public to ensure all windows and doors are locked. For added security measures, an alarm should be installed, or lights should be left on to give the impression that someone is home and awake.