Coping skills workshop to ‘provide some light’


Moire_GearyLIMERICK-based neurolinguistic programming practitioner Moira Geary brings her National Positivity Trail workshop to the Absolute Hotel on January 28 to teach people tangible coping skills so they can manage the stresses of everyday life.

An expert in cognitive re-imprinting and neurological re-patterning, Moira has worked with the world’s leading mind experts including Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler. The first of its kind in Ireland, her National Positivity Trail aims to “provide some light”, counteracting the effect of what some feel is the most depressing time of year.

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“After the glitzy celebrations and indulgences of Christmas, the anti-climax of a bleak January can bring doom and gloom. Struggling with strict diets, fitness regimes and restrictive New Year’s resolutions, it’s a time of year that can be synonymous with feeling deprived, deflated and down,” suggested Moira, a native of the South Circular Road.

“As many of us battle with anxieties and fears around change, failure, money, work and relationships for much of the year, our worries are often exacerbated in January,” she commented.

According to Ms Geary, a mother of three teenage sons, “positivity” is the ability to feel hopeful despite a challenging environment.  Moira has taught thousands of people locally and all over the world how to manage stress and fear so they can create the good life they deserve.

“There’s no escaping the fact that life regularly dishes up problems, but it’s our perception of these issues that determines our ability to cope. Every day we’re inspired by examples of people who uncover incredible strength and courage to overcome the most difficult and painful of situations. Attitude really is everything,” she believes.

Ms Geary went on to say that late January and February represent new beginnings.

“This period of renewal and growth marks the shedding of old stuff that doesn’t serve us and the potential of better things to come,” said Moira.

Enduring financial hardship and personal tragedy has enabled the Limerick woman to overcome her own challenges so she can walk her talk. Moira is now on a mission to get everyone in Limerick on board The National Positivity Trail and feeling more optimistic about life.

“There is always another way. It doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it, we can get relief,” she concluded.

The National Positivity Trail aims to teach people key coping skills so they can feel lighter, more confident, and become open to the possibilities around them. Moira is giving her time free to teach her techniques at her workshop in the Absolute Hotel on Tuesday January 28 at 7.30pm and in return is requesting a €15 donation to support causes that are focused on empowerment. For more details log onto