Canadian Finance Startup with Limerick Roots Announces Dropbox Integration


Andrew Carey

Limerick native and graduate from LIT Tipperary, Robert Tubridy talks to us about Vancouver, Canada startup LedgerDocs.

LedgerDocs is an online document management application and collaboration tool that allows businesses to scan and upload financial documents that can be accessed off-site by their bookkeepers who can then respond with questions and comments using the same platform.

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The service is now integrated with Dropbox, a leading provider of cloud storage and document sharing for personal and business users. Its wide range of functions simplifies the process of uploading and storing documents. Integrating LedgerDocs and Dropbox provides a streamlined process for users to upload, manage, and share documents.

“It’s an ongoing challenge for many small businesses owners: finding time to sit down with their off-site accountant to go through queries on financial documents. We have come up with this innovative solution designed to bridge this gap between the business and their accountant,” says Robert Tubridy, Director of Marketing.

Typically, off-site bookkeepers spend a lot of their time trying to communicate with clients by phone, fax or e-mail, or they have to travel to clients’ offices where they sift through piles of paper sorting out receipts, invoices and other financial records they require to keep the company’s books balanced and up to date.

If a client is not available at the time to answer questions about the documents, the bookkeeper usually leaves notes and schedules a return visit or a follow-up call to get the answers. LedgerDocs puts the whole process online. In effect, it becomes a virtual shoebox connected to functions that allow storage and sharing of documents and information and collaboration between bookkeepers and clients.

For example, clients scan and upload the documents to the LedgerDocs platform, and their bookkeepers then sort, search and file them quickly and efficiently, using the platform to send notes back to clients requesting more information if necessary. The service is available 24/7 which adds to its convenience.

“LedgerDocs is a true document management system which can be used anywhere in the English-speaking world although translations of the app into other languages is in the works,” says Mr. Tubridy.

And at a cost of only about $10 a month per client the return on investment when measured against the time saved is well worth it, he says.

“We wanted to develop an application to reduce travel time to clients’ offices for bookkeepers while also enhancing the level of service they were providing,” says Mr. Tubridy. “LedgerDocs does that, and the time it saves bookkeepers allows them to expand their business by taking on more clients.”

For clients, the benefit of LedgerDocs is their ability to deal with questions and requests for more information when it suits them, which is often after business hours, and then respond via LedgerDocs.

Mr Tubridy says LedgerDocs is one of the most advanced applications currently available in its field and is in line with global trends toward the use of digital technology in accounting services

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